LUC Volunteer Week: A Report

by Anisa Gasper

In week 3 of this block, LUC-V organized an entire week of volunteering activities, for which LUC students were able to sign up. Very soon after the announcements of the different projects, most of them were already full, as LUC students were very enthusiastic to commit.

Volunteering for the community is an essential part of university education, as one learns about more regional problems alongside the bigger world issues we read about. Within LUC we are sometimes quite sheltered from the community, and it is therefore crucial to engage and try to affect a positive change where we can. Many people within the Netherlands, and within The Hague itself, do not have access to a social network to aid them in cases of need, or can feel quite marginalized because of their living situation. By enacting small, positive changes in their lives, we can help contribute to a strong starting point from which they can continue to grow.

Besides the projects that LUC-V organizes by itself, we also work together with Stichting Present. They are in direct contact with clients who might need our help, and they take care of all the tools and materials. In return, we mobilize our volunteers and manage the actual activities. We enjoyed working with Stichting Present in the past, and we look forward to continue our cooperation in the future.

This LUC Volunteer Week started off on Monday afternoon, when LUC students painted several bedrooms and the hallway of a client with debts and a limited social network. On Tuesday evening, we stripped the old wallpaper and repainted the walls of the house of another client with similar issues. The client joined in to help, and we all had a very enjoyable evening.

On Wednesday afternoon LUC students visited the elderly home of Duinrust, where they helped with the ‘creative afternoon’, providing the residents with a fun afternoon and also a walk outside. Wednesday evening a new batch of students came to assist a woman in cleaning her house, providing her with a clean slate and a healthy environment to live in. Finally we wrapped up the week on Thursday evening, with a cleaning and refurbishing project, for a woman with two young children who had previously been staying in an emergency shelter. For her to have access to a clean place to call home is very important.


We had a very enjoyable week, where students were able to meet people from different backgrounds, collaborate on work projects, and enjoy some food and drink together. On all sides the experience was much valued. We would like to thank all of the LUC students who volunteered their time, and hope to see them at the next LUC Volunteer Week!  For more information about future events, check out our Facebook page.

Anisa Gasper studies World Politics at LUC.