Student Conference on
Schools, Neighbourhoods, Society

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Leiden University College, in collaboration with ICLON, the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching, was pleased to present a day-long interdisciplinary conference on questions of education and social justice.

With a morning panel on refugees and higher education, an afternoon packed with student research, and an afternoon keynote by Dr. Bowen Paulle -- a fine day was had by all.

Click here to see a full photo reportage of the day, and scroll down to read the full programme. We will hope to do it again next year!



10.00-10.30     Registration

10.30-12.00     Welcome & Opening Plenary

Words of Welcome

Dr. Ann Marie Wilson, Assistant Professor of History, LUC

Prof. dr. Jan van Driel, Professor of Science Education and Dean of ICLON, Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching

Refugee Migration and Higher Education:
What Can Universities Do?

Chair: Rachel Baas, Leiden University College

·      Ella de Lange, UAF Stichting voor Vluchtelingen-Studenten

·   Lesage Munyemana, Student, Leiden University

·   Sabina Beijne, Head of Student Support Services, Leiden University

·   Representatives of Right to Education, Amsterdam University College

·   Qali Nur, Refugee Action The Hague


12.00-13.00     Lunch

13.00-14.30     Concurrent Panels

Panel 1: Global Citizenship for Glocal Students / Room: 3.16

Chair: Dr. Daniela Vicherat-Mattar, Leiden University College

·      Jantine Wignand and Jeanine Verkade (University College Roosevelt), “Multiple Identities and Roles: Radicalization Prevention through Creating Awareness and Executing Exercises”

·      Abigail Pickard (University College Roosevelt), “Non-terrorist teaching: A critical evaluation to school based radicalization prevention”

·      Jane van der Plas (University College Roosevelt), “Learning and Teaching Global Citizenship” 

Panel 2: Multiculturalism in Practice: Perspectives from Philosophy, Anthropology, and Economics  / Room: 3.06

Chair: Dr. Brandon Zicha, Leiden University College

·      Joe Cotton (LUC), “Islamophobia and Democratic Citizenship Education in Great Britain”

·      Matthias Schotanus (Oxford University), “The Death of Multiculturalism? An Anthropological Perspective on Culture and Ethnic Diversity”

·      Dennis Meyer (LUC), “Profiting from the Refugee Crisis? Refugees’ Effect on the Growth of Germany’s Economy”


Panel 3: Reimagining Dutch Education: Systems and Structures / Room: 3.01

Chair: Nanneke Kuipers-Staps, World Teacher’s Programme at ICLON, Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching

·      Lilly Zeitler (LUC), “Inside Perspectives on Tracking in Dutch Education: Interviews and Insights”

·      Kristy Charlton and Hylke de Sauvage (LUC), “Testing the Hype: What We Can Learn from the Finnish Educational System”

·      Jeroen Heijmans (LUC), “Preventing Radicalization: The Role of the Teacher”


14:30-14.45     Coffee Break

14.45-16.15      Concurrent Panels


Panel 4: Diversity and Inclusion at Leiden University College: A Roundtable / Room: 3.16

Chair: Cris van Eijk, Leiden University Collge and Chair of LUC Diversity

·      Lena Volmer (Freie Universität Berlin), “Selectivity and Financial Differentiation Have a High Price: Why Care about LUC’s Socioeconomic Diversity, and How to Improve It”

·      Qali Nur (LUC), “Religious Bias and Global Citizenship Education: An Analysis of the Role of Religion at LUC”

·      Emma Bassetti and Joe Cotton (LUC) “Examining Space and Representation at AvB”


Panel 5: Reimagining Dutch Education: Towards Critical Citizenship / Room: 3.06

Chair: Dr. Maja Vodopivec, Leiden University College

·      Claudia Gâlgău (LUC), “Mastering the Art of Empathetic Reading: Revisiting Vak Nederlands

·      Boudewijn van Eerd (LUC), “Nation-Building in Secondary Education in the Netherlands: A Study of History Curriculum”

·      Sarah El Âlaoui, et. al. (iPabo, Amsterdam), “The Importance of Being Critical: Critical Citizenship Education and Teacher Professionalization”


Panel 6: Profielwerkstuk Panel with Students of the Johan de Witt School / Room: 3.01

Chair: Malou den Dekker, Leiden University College

Over the past weeks, students from Leiden University College have been mentoring students from the Johan de Witt School as they have worked on their ‘profielwerkstuk’ research papers.  Here a selection of students will present their preliminary findings.

* This panel will take place in Dutch.


16.15-16.30      Coffee Break

16.30-18.00     Keynote Address

“Beyond Toxic Schools: What We Can Learn by Comparing High-Poverty Education in New York and Amsterdam”

Dr. Bowen Paulle, University of Amsterdam


18.00-20.00     Borrel and Live Music

AkBar, LUC Student Bar, First Floor